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Bright Future

Course for Young People
Confidence, Effective Communication Skills & Personal Impact,
In-house Workshop for 4 - 8 students
Age 14 +

Course Outcome:
The purpose of the workshop is to raise awareness of the individual to accept responsibility for Personal Impact and encourage best practice of Communication Skills, Team Collaboration & Effective Contribution. This motivational feel-good session is interactive and promotes the development of positive interpersonal skills as an important tool for business, social and family life.
There is exploration of sharing and accepting feedback, whilst working creatively, within a Team.

Skills Enhancement:
  • Communication Skills & Use of Language
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Body Language: rapport, posture, silent communication
  • Voice Coaching: vocal, volume, pitch, rhythm, tone
  • Personal Impact
  • Confidence & Self Esteem
Duration: 3 hours
PSHE Courses in London & Glasgow
Trainer: Terry Neason - Motivational Presenter, NLP Master & Award winning Performer



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Bright Future - Workshops for Young People

"Terry's work was extremely well received by all our young people. Terry has an ability to put the young people at ease and encourage them to give of their best. The work that she did in improving their presentational skills and further developing their communicational skills was excellent. Indeed Terry Neason's involvement was inspirational. Evaluations from our young people highlighted the positive impact that Terry had. As Head teacher it is pleasing to note the impact that Terry had over such a short period of time. Certainly the sessions were intensive but the work produced was excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending Terry Neason and Powertalk as someone who has a wonderful ability to connect with young people and more importantly have impact."

Stephen Parsons, Headteacher, Port Glasgow

My Body And Me

Course for Young Women
Confidence, Self Esteem & Body Image,
In-house Workshop for 20 students
Age 13 +

Course Content:
  • Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Self Esteem
  • Positive Self Image
  • Body Image
Duration: 1 hour
PSHE Courses in London & Glasgow
Facilitator: Terry Neason



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Workshops for Young Women
My Body And Me

Maria Fidelis Convent School, Camden, London
PSHE Theme Days – 208 students over 2 theme days
Confidence Building, Self Esteem & Self Image Workshop
Eight 1-hour interactive sessions with 26 students per session

"Maria Fidelis Convent School, London, was very excited to welcome Terry Neason to lead a series of activities designed to promote confidence, raise self-esteem and improve positive self-image. Our school population, all girls, is both culturally and economically diverse and there are many underlying issues which can often mean that there is a reluctance, from some of our most vulnerable, to participate. I am delighted to report that Terry Neason was a huge success with all our girlsÉ.. they are still talking about their experience and even replicate some of the techniques they were taught. Professionally, Terry was able to highlight some concerns with body image etc. that some students displayed. This has enabled us to work closely with these students to provide appropriate nurturing and mentoring. Terry is a firm fixture for our school theme days around PSHE... And it was not only the students who benefited, the staff who were involved equally sang her praises!""

Alison Brock, Deputy Head Teacher, London

Course for Teachers &
Support Staff

Development & Communication
In-house Training for 6 - 20 people

* Also available for Women Only

1 Day Course
This 1 day Personal Development Training is delivered in-house at your venue. Take away tools, techniques and easy NLP Skills to enable and support personal growth and well-being. Course includes development of interpersonal skills to improve personal and professional relationships.
* Can be tailored to requirements

Course Content:
  • Build confidence and personal resilience
  • Increase motivation, plan and achieve more goals
  • Improve communication and interpersonal skills
  • Develop mind-body connection and NLP Skills
  • Explore personal potential and assertiveness
Duration: 4 hours
Development Training in London & Glasgow
Facilitator: Terry Neason



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Personal Development Speaker


Walk Your Talk is an interactive motivational session delivered by award winning Terry Neason, Performer and Development Speaker. Terry inspires, entertains and enlightens with powerful tips and techniques.

  • Personal Development
  • Effective Communication
  • Personal Impact

Motivational Speaker: Terry Neason


Head Teachers' Conference
Walk Your Talk

"Terry's presentation was full of enthusiasm, charm, and engagement and most all informative. All Head Teachers, Primary and Secondary alike, found the session helpful in developing their own presentational skills and building up their own self confidence."

Stephen Parsons, Headteacher